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    Twittervision API Changes

    When we first launched Twittervision in early 2007, Twitter was still a pretty small community of users (around 200,000) and only the press and the digerati were paying much attention to it.

    Today, with just over 1M users, Twitter is still pretty small by Internet standards, but a lot of people are paying attention to it.

    Our API was designed to allow individual users to use the Twittervision location features. A lot of people are using it. We also had a fair number of people who were using our API as an alternative to the Twitter API and trying to harvest vast amount of data using our free API.

    Sadly, this was restricting service to others, so we are making some changes to the API that make this kind of use no longer possible. Those of you using the API for your individual projects or in support of client-side apps will see no changes for now — keep doing what you’re doing.

    We do sometimes engage in licensing agreements, however, so if you are interested in licensing our data, please contact me at dave at twittervision.com.

    • JeffClark

      Dave, I’m using the twittervision API for some projects that show up on http://neoformix.com . First of all, thanks for providing it ! Secondly, I haven’t found anywhere in your documentation what the suggested or enforced rate limit is for queries. I’m doing ‘current_status’ type queries. What would you suggest as a reasonable upper bound ?