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    Google Streetview As Public Art

    Boulevard St. Michel, Paris, Google Streetview

    So many wonderful things going on in this photo, and it’s all entirely unintentional. With such a vast quantity of visual data collected for Google Streetview, how many “artistic” scenes lurk within it?  How might one build a machine for finding the art within this dataset?  Can it be crowdsourced?

    Want to work on this with me?  If so, ping me.

    • Todd Spraggins

      I was looking for construction supplies and the streetview for the bigbox home center had a big antiquated concrete truck blocking the view. It had an odd quality to it, but more ironically, I was off to buy concrete products. Made me really think about what lurks in this world Google captured, much like what you have postulated here.
      I think this would be great. Given that art is personal, it would have to be scavenged by the crowd; I doubt you could crawl it. Possibly use something like photosyth to group the images. Nevertheless, definitely a geo twist like your other work.